Bigg Boss 16: After Tina-Shaleen, Salman sets up Stan and Archana’s class, no one gets evicted this week

The new episode of Bigg Boss 16 begins from where it ended yesterday. After Shaleen and Tina, Salman fiercely classes MC Stan and Archana. Archana’s number comes first in the show. Salman tells him that last week you missed me a lot. After this, Salman tells him a word about what he said to Stan. After this, he reprimands Archana. After this Salman comes to Stan and asks him whether what he did was right? Stan admits his mistake on this, but Salman’s anger does not subside and he lashes out at him.

Further in the show, the family members of all the contestants are also seen on the stage of Bigg Boss. During this, an argument is seen between Stan’s mother and Archana’s brother. In the show, Stan’s mother objects that Archana started the fight first, which was wrong. At the same time, Archana’s brother is seen defending her. On the other hand, Nimrit’s father is seen questioning Priyanka. Further in the show, Salman is seen questioning the relationship between Tina and Shaleen’s mother. On this, Shaleen’s mother says that there is a good friendship between the two and her son has maintained this friendship from day one.

हालांकि टीना की मां इससे इत्तेफाक नहीं रखतीं और कहती हैं कि शालीन टीना के पीठ पीछे उनकी बहुत बुराई करते रहते हैं। इसके बाद बाकी के घरवाले भी अपनी-अपनी बात रखते हैं। शो में आगे सलमान सभी कंटेस्टेंट्स को बताते हैं कि इस हफ्ते कोई भी बाहर नहीं जा रहा है। सलमान के इस एलान के बाद सभी के चेहरे पर मुस्कान आ जाती है।

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