Naresh-Pavitra: Seeing the liplock video of the actor ready for the fourth marriage, the third wife got angry, said – I will not let this happen


Actor Naresh shared a video on the occasion of New Year. In the video, Naresh and Pavitra kiss to welcome the new year and announce their marriage. In such a situation, now the third wife Ramya has objected to this video.


Kannada actor Vijay Krishna Naresh is in limelight these days. On the occasion of New Year, the actor had shared the good news with the fans that he is soon going to tie the knot with Pavitra Lokesh. Naresh Babu, brother of Mahesh Babu, gave this information by sharing a video, in which he announces his marriage while lip-locking Pavitra along with congratulating her for the new year. Some people were congratulating the actor, while some were also trolling him for his fourth marriage. At the same time, now the reaction of the actor’s third wife Ramya Raghupati has come to the fore.

Actually, actor Naresh shared a video on the occasion of New Year. In the video, Naresh and Pavitra can be seen cutting the cake and welcoming the new year. Only then do the fireworks happen and the two liplock. After this it is written that marriage is taking place soon. It went viral as soon as the actor shared the video on social media. Now his third wife Ramya Raghupati has objected to this.

Ramya Raghupathi said during a recent interview, ‘How can he stoop so low? How can he get married for the fourth time? I will not let them do this marriage. We are not divorced yet and he has already been married thrice. We also have a child. On the other hand, in July last year, Naresh and Pavitra were caught in the lift while leaving a hotel. During this, she became so angry that she started beating both of them with slippers. The video of this incident also went viral on social media.

On the other hand, if reports are to be believed, the actor also accused Ramya of having an extra-marital affair. He said that Ramya was in a relationship with the late actor Krishna. However, Ramya had denied these allegations. On the other hand, talking about Pavitra, she is about to get married for the second time with Naresh. Pavitra has three children from her first marriage. However, the date of marriage of Naresh and Pavitra has not been announced yet.

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