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Amritvani, a huge collection of teachings of Sri Rama Krishna Dev, a book published from Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, Hindi translation of Singh Sri Rama Krishna Chapter 1 Purpose of Life How many stars do you see in the sky at night but do not see them after the sun rises? But because of this,

can you say that there are no stars in the sky during the day, in the state of human ignorance, you do not see God, so do not say that there is no God, after being born in this rare man, who is the firstborn for the benefit of God in this life.

He doesn’t do it, it is useless to take birth, as one’s feeling, so he will be benefited.The mind thinks that now I am happy, I have reached the highest peak of progress, now I am very happy, God says, be happy

but when that High Court judge retires and takes pension, he looks at his life, he feels that he spent his whole life in vain Then he says hi, what a remarkable work I have done in this life, God says that what you have done to you, man walks in the world with two types of instincts,

Vidya and Avidya

At the time of the birth of a human being, both these tendencies remain in a balanced state like the scales of an empty scale, but soon the attraction of the people of the world in one moment of the scales and the attraction of God in the other becomes established.

It becomes heavy and hides and man drowns in the world, but if there is more attraction towards God in the mind, then knowledge becomes heavy and man gets pulled towards God. Know God, by knowing him you know everything. You will go listening one after the other, you get the number of hundreds and thousands, but on putting a son, there is no value of uno,

only one reason has value, first in one thing, daughter-in-law means very first God, then the living world, first you do, then money. Don’t try to gain money before wishing. If you enter the world after taking R, then your peace of mind will never be destroyed. You want to reform the society. Well, you will be able to do this even after attaining God. Gave the most essential thing if you want then you will get all other things first get Bhagwat then give speech social reform etc information to the traveler to spend the first night after reaching the new city

One should keep his belongings in the camp, he can roam around looking at the city with worry, but if there is no arrangement to stay, then he has to face a lot of trouble in finding a place to rest in the dark at night. One should first obtain God’s money Jarbil Ram-Ram,

he can fearlessly travel in the world while performing his daily duties, but if he does not, then when the terrible night full of darkness of death comes, then he will have to suffer a lot. In order to catch rats, chickens are kept in it by placing Adani near the door, its smell is attracted by the smell and die,

the same is the condition of the living being, even though it is situated at the door country of Brahmanand, a dense committee of crores. Trying to achieve that bliss, he gets lost in a particular area of the world and gets killed by getting trapped in the trap of Maya. A scholar asked the people who said that the existence of Mahatma’s is Chandralok, Nakshatra, Lok Devi etc.

I could go on telling things like this Let’s say Maharaj ji, what is your point about those people, Shri Ram Krishna said, if they do devotion to God, then it is fine, if their aim is to interview God, then it is good, but remember that people are engaged in subjects like Chandralok, Nakshatra Lok, etc. To be engrossed in the search for God is not the right path. To have devotion at His lotus feet one has to do sadhna.

Extremely distraught he has to suffer while crying. Whether you call it Vedanta or any other scripture, God is not in anyone, nothing will happen for him, without being worried about his life, he should be prayed with devotion, he should be worshiped. One does not have to starve for the whole day, some get food at 9:00 in the morning, some at 2:00 in the afternoon,

some get food in the evening, similarly in birth after birth at some point or the other in this birth Everyone will get darshan of God after leaving little child A sits alone in the house playing arbitrary games with toys, he does not have any worries in his mind, but as soon as his mother comes, he leaves all the toys and runs towards her saying mother, you guys too at this time. You are playing happily in the world with the toys of wealth and fame, there is no worry, but if you can see that blissful mother even once, then whether you will be rich or not, then you will see everyone and run towards her.

Life of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa :-

But you will have to work hard to get them, if you do not get the gems in one dip, then don’t think that the ocean is devoid of gems, keep taking dips again and again, while you keep on diving, you will definitely get it in the end, similarly after attaining Bhagwat If you don’t see success in your initial efforts by doing proven sadhna, then be happy, keep doing sadhna with patience, in the end, you will definitely see him at the right time, meditate on God as the form of joy, you will get joy, this joy is really eternal.

It exists but has become known today through ignorance. The less your attraction for sense objects, the more your affection for God will be. No one becomes rich just by accumulating money. A lamp is lit in every room, a poor man cannot spend so much oil, so he cannot manage for so many days, even the temple should not be kept in darkness, the lamp of knowledge should be lit in it.

A person can know but the path of a soul Co-operation with the soul is the true form. No matter how big the number can be found, listening to it after number one, but if one is erased, then there is no value of Sunnis.

It has no value. In India, all things get value only when they are related to God. As long as the creature works for them in union with God who is behind the world, it gets more and more. Lives but neglecting it, sits down to prove great works for his own pride.

If there is no oil, the lamp cannot go on, similarly, if there is no God, man cannot live. God’s attraction is not affected in life itself.

With tears of prayer and repentance, he sheds the wing of illusion that casts him into this world, then he goes towards God.

Once in an hour both the fork and the big fork become one.

appear to be ordinary and become united as soon as the system is achieved Mahatma

The soul both are interrelated and interdependent

It is Saturday, what kind of relation is there between the soul and the Supreme Soul, just as water gets divided into two parts by giving a Patiala in the flow of water, in the same way, due to the title of Maya, the unbroken Supreme Soul appears to be divided in the form of Soul and Supreme Soul.

Water and bubble are actually one and the same. Bubble is produced in water, stays in water and finally dissolves in water. Similarly, the soul and the Supreme Soul remain cool.

The difference between them is only in the degree of harmony. One is calm, that is, limited.

The second infinite infinite is a dependent, then how is the second independent creature, take some part of the Ganga and somewhere it is our own Ganga.

If a piece of glass is left in the lake, it also becomes 12. Losing existence, it becomes Brahman. God is infinite and how can a living being conceive of a limited, calm, alive God? He plays in human form, it is his game, he knows and their hand gets burnt, in reality it is not in any of the fire, yet the hand moves with them, in the same way, due to the power present within man, the mind, intellect, senses work and as soon as there is a lack of labor power In the same way, this mind and intellect become inactive.

The bound creature is actually the form of Sachchidananda, but due to lack, it has forgotten its form. A title comes and the nature of the creature changes.

The tune of Babu’s love songs comes out automatically, the man becomes old, starts whistling with his mouth, jumps and jumps like a sir, if it is in the hands of a man, then his quality is such that whatever piece of paper is in front of him Who does not fall on him, just as the snake is separated from itself, in the same way the soul is also separated, the soul is created.

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